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Under a Tuscan Sun

If you look in the section of the sidebar called “Stages of our Trip,” you may notice that there are more posts for our preparation than for Florence. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean that we did more to prepare ourselves for our vacation than we’ve actually done on vacation. Actually, it means we are so busy and enjoying ourselves so much that we just haven’t had time to post. I’m keeping a journal of the things we do and the people we meet, while Laura is keeping a journal of the things we eat and the places we eat them. We’ll share as much as we can.

Right now, we are in Chiusi, having just prepared for our amazing culinary experience at Osteria La Solita Zuppa, which marks the halfway point of our journey. (Shed a tear with us for this sad occasion.) This afternoon, after a confusing train ride through the Tuscan countryside, we toured the cathedral of Chiusi and the subterranean labyrinth built by a 5th-century BC king.

The views are breathtaking here, and the streets are entirely too quaint and lovable for words. We will post pictures this evening when we return from our meal. Ciao!