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On our first afternoon in Paris, after a liesurely lunch at a cafe, finding our apartment and a quick nap, we set off for Montmarte. We walked the long way around to the metro in order to see Notre Dame, which is on our list to visit for tomorrow, and then we were off.
We stepped off the metro to a great view of the famous Moulin Rouge. I honestly don’t know why it’s so famous, but my heart gave a flutter to be able to see such an iconic sight with my own two eyes. Our first order of real business in Montmarte was to find a snack, and in Paris, we could think of no better snack then some crepes! Delish! And the cheese and nutella fillings (not together, separate crepes) gave us the boost to climb the gigantic hill (aka mountain of the martyrs or in French ‘Montmarte’). At the top, not only a huge church, Sacre Couer, but an awesome view of the whole city. By this time it was about 8pm, so the lights over Paris were gorgeous.
We had a quick dinner at a great little bar (photos of all of this to come a bit later) and then off back down the hill to the metro to go home. On the way, we saw a crowd of people up ahead all taking photos of something. Now we found out earlier today that it is Paris fashion week and many celebrities are in town, so my first thought was it has to be some young movie star or fashionista. But no, it was even better. We got a little closer and caught a glimpse of an older balding man getting into a car.
“Is that Jimm…..” is all John got out before I said “Thats Jimmy Buffett! Quick, quick get the camera!!”
Of course we were a bit late and all have to show is a shaky photo of the back if his head through the car window! Turns out he had just done a few days of shows here in paris and had stopped to sign some autographs on the way out of the concert venue.
We once again headed for the metro, but this time we were in a crowd twenty parrotheads deep. Pirates here, grass skirts there, oh we can’t move because a gigantic blow up shark is blocking our way etc…etc…all the way to the metro.
Overall a very enjoyable evening.


P.s. Mom, I think I just found the way to get you back to Europe. I am sure Dad would agree to come back sooner then planned if it meant seeing Jimmy live, right?