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On the Move

After a late night, we managed to awake on time this morning in a great mood. Off to the train station for a 10:15 departure. Destination? Parma, home of great cheese, prosciutto, and balsamic vinegar. What else is there? We’re not too sure! We’re looking forward to wandering and spontaneously discovering after our aggressively scheduled time in the busy streets of Rome. Now, we try to sleep as we speed through the Tuscan landscape…

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My turn

John has been doing all the posting, so I figured it was time for me to jump in (sorry for no photos, its a bit difficult to attach it seems and I haven’t learned how yet.)
Last time we came to Italy, I didn’t have any trouble with jetlag and this time its been a bit more rough. Today (our second morning) I finally feel like myself! Which I hope is the sign of a great day to come. Our plan is to do the Capitoline museum, forum, a couple churches and finish with a night time tour of the Colosseum! I am really looking forward to that tour, it doesn’t start until 9pm and I think its gonna be awesome to see the Colosseum and it’s dungeons in the moonlight! More to come about all that tomorrow of course.
Last night we did one of my favorite sights, the Trevi Fountian (which isn’t saying much since every sight is one of my favorites!). I saw the Trevi both during the day and and night last trip, and I thought it was so much more beautiful at night. This trip, I still agree! That fountain is just gorgeous, the size and craftsmanship, gently lit so you can see the shimmering of the water, it’s just awesome. Well, we’re off for another exciting day…

On Our Way (attempt 2)

We have a gorgeous sunset to see us on our way to la citta eterno. Strange to think the sun will go one way, we’ll go the other and the two of us shall meet in Italy. Of course, I know the sun isn’t actually going anywhere. But that means that even as we fly at 30,000 feet above the Earth, we’re still spinning with the Earth! Crazy.