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Arrival in Venice!

We finally arrived in Venice yesterday! The weather was very warm, much like Florida in temperature and humidity. Marco Polo Airport is more austere than Paris de Gaulle, but cleaner and more accurately labeled. We quickly found a phone to call the owner of our apartment, but the phone wouldn’t work with our coins; it was for use with phone cards only. So we found a kiosk where we bought a fairly expensive phone card, yet we failed to make it work. Frustrated, tired and feeling trapped in the airport, I pulled out my mobile phone and resigned myself to the ridiculous international rates, but the number we were given turned out to be invalid.

By that point, we were tired, hungry, frustrated, not sure how to get to our apartment, and unable to find signs to our water transport. As I write this, we are still tired, but we have eaten (many times), we managed to contact the apartment owner (by dialing a few extra numbers), and we eventually found our way to the water transport, Alilaguna, whose fleet consists of large motorboats with covered areas for about fifty people. Based on the design of the crafts, I assumed we would make our way to the islands of Venice in record time — not so. The speed limit much of the way was posted at 7km/hr, so it took us the better part of 45 minutes to reach our stop.

Our apartment is huge and quaint, if hot. It has only one typical European AC wall-unit for the entire apartment, and it doesn’t appear to be blowing very cold air. Tomorrow, we plan to climb the Campanile, visit a couple museums, and see what we can see of the Regata Storica. Pictures will come soon!